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World’s Best teas for Weight Loss

Nowadays we are all (mostly) very conscious of how we look, and weight gain is a very common issue that makes most feel uncomfortable. Many people follow a lifestyle where gaining weight is very easy. This extra fat is not just annoying, it can cause other diseases as well. Scientists have stated that if you are a regular tea drinker, you can shed some pounds even without hard exercise (though it is still recommended). Only a cup of tea and minimal exercise will reduce your weight very effectively. Tea acts as a miracle agent in losing weight. An unknown ally to weight loss and general vibrant health.

There are varieties of teas for soothing too. They are different in color, flavor and even tastes! It is found that tea drinkers lose weight very fast and healthily. Researchers have found that tea contains antioxidant formulas which make our body toxin free. Drinking tea not only quells hunger, but it also increases the metabolic rate, stops obesity causing stressors, and makes you feel good. Drinking tea also shrinks the fat cells present in our body. Tea melts down stubborn fats from our abdomen and problem areas. Tests have determined that tea drinkers can slash down 20% more fat than non-drinkers. There is no place in the world where people don’t drink tea. Countries from South America, Europe and Asian countries like Japan, China, India, etc. have tea plantations. That is why the color, flavor, and taste of tea is different from one place to another.

Let us look at the types of teas and their characteristics.


green tea, weight loss tea

  • Green tea

    Among all the variations of tea, green tea is one of the most popular. And it’s not hard to see why. It tastes good, and has amazing fat burning properties that calms as well as energizes. Adipose tissue, also known as fat, can be burdensome in excess. But green tea contains many anti-oxidative compounds which blast the tissue! Melting not just unwanted body fat fast, green tea also burns subcutaneous fat and visceral fat! But is this refreshing, good tasting herb only good for dropping unwanted fat? No! It is good for your skin too, as well as many other things we are just getting the tools to measure and discover now. It prevents premature aging of the skin and maintaining elasticity. One should ditch sugar, milk and other things when drinking green tea to get very good and quick results. Milk has been a suspect in lessening the positive effects of green tea when mixed with.

    White tea, weight loss tea

  • White tea

     White tea is actually made from the flowering buds of a GREEN TEA tree! White tea prevents new fat formation in the cells. This tea makes the body strong and sexy. It stores the existing fat for producing energy, so the body does not feel weak. It also helps to remove tans and protect skin from burning. White tea protects skin breakage and premature aging due to stress. White tea is dried naturally in sunlight, where it becomes an even richer source of antioxidants, which remains active in fat cells. For the best results, you should drink one cup of tea regularly. Drinking white tea sends protective antioxidants as well as anti-aging compounds into action that help improve your skin from the inside. You can also apply the white tea leaves on the skin as a sunscreen to save skin from the sun.

black tea, weight loss tea

  • Black tea

    National Academy of science has found out from research that black tea can protect us from infections. Containing alkylamine antigens and tannins that help not just boost our immune system, but also helps us fight off viruses. It increases the blood circulation in the body. Italian scientists have revealed that if we drink a cup of black tea per day, it improves cardiovascular function. But this tea leaf goes under heavy processing, so it is less effective than green tea.

    Lemon tea, weight loss tea, healthy tea

  • Lemon tea

    Lemon is a magical ingredient for losing weight. It contains an ingredient called d-lemonade, which helps to lose weight very fast. Lemon contains acid properties which cut down the fat from fat cells. This tea cures bloated stomach, inflammation, etc. It can help with stress as well. Also lemon mixed with different herbal teas such as green tea can have a potentiating effect. Not to mention the importance of vitamin C.

Ashwagandha tea, weight loss tea

  • Ashwagandha tea

    If you are under stress you will gain weight profoundly easier if you are prone to it and binge eating. Ashwagandha reduces the hormones causing tension, stress, etc. One cup of tea can provide you a calmer mind and a easier outlook.

oolong tea, weight loss tea

  • Oolong tea

     Oolong tea is a tea which increases metabolism rapidly. It helps get a better handle on controlling your blood pressure. It is a great assistant in losing fat. A study in a Chinese journal of integrative medicine found that participants who regularly drank oolong tea lost 6 pounds more than the others who didn’t drink! Drink a cup of this tea to calm yourself after an exhausting day.

    red tea leaf, weight loss tea

  • Red tea

    Red tea is a unique tea, which grows in South Africa. It is sweet and the color of the tea leaf is beautiful shade of red. Researchers found that these tree leaves contain polyphenols and flavonoid which fight against new fat formation as well as combat disease. This tea is excellent for reducing belly fat! It has compounds that reduce hunger, triggering stress hormones, as well as fights against many malfunctions like hypertension, cardiovascular disorder, metabolic syndrome, etc. Like other teas, this tea increases the rate of metabolism. So drinking a cup of red tea regularly can help with a whole lot more than just slimming down.

bilberry tea, weight loss tea

  • Bilberry tea 

    When we hear the name Berry, its succulent taste comes to our minds eye and mouth. The Bilberry tea plant is found near Europe. It helps tremendously with boated belly and stomach inflammation. So drinking this tea can help you to slash down the appearance of bloating.

valerian tea, weight loss tea

  • Valerian tea

    Tea researchers have known about the benefits of Valerian tea very well for a long time. It is a kind of sedative which can help to get a good nights sleep. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, insomnia, and tend to gain body fat easily, this tea can help you! This tea can also help you to get to bed more easily and restfully.

  • Chamomile and lavender tea 

    Again if you are deprived of sleep, you should drink these teas. Depression and fatigue, which can cause insomnia, can be prevented by drinking Chamomile tea and Lavender tea. It also contains properties that helps to reduce body fat. It helps to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and hypertension. This tea should be drunk before going to bed.

ginger lemon tea

  • Ginger tea

    Ginger tea is one of the healthiest teas you can ingest! It has an extremely unique taste, a bite with a mellowness at the same time, as well as having a nice flavor. Ginger generally is used to getting relief from stomach bloating, inflammation, stomach pain, nausea, indigestion, etc. Scientists have proven that ginger has some enzymes that help in losing weight. So tea with ginger, cardamom, cloves, and other creative mixes you can come up with, can and will boost immunity and help to shed down some unwanted weight.

mint tea, weight loss tea

  • Mint tea 

    Mint tea is delicious, unique, and crushes cravings. One study published by The Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine stated that people who smelled/sniffed peppermint for two hours lost up to 5 pounds in a month! The scent of mint suppresses the trigger of hunger, so it’s a great thing to have if you are feeling those cravings. Mint tea can help yourself shed fat, using your own creative ideas such as putting the mint/peppermint oil on your pillow or on the inside collar of your shirt or neck! Slim down all day! In pursuit of a stress-free mind and fat-free body, you should drink a big cup of mint tea every day.

fennel tea, weight loss tea

  • Fennel tea

    Biochemistry studies reveal that fennel has a properties which help fight against inflammation. The mild, sweet licorice flavored tea can treat gastrointestinal issues also. It helps prevent body bloating.

kola nut tea, weight loss tea

  • Kola nut tea 

    This tea contains more caffeine than coffee. A study was published in the journal PHYSIOLOGICAL & BEHAVIOUR. 100 mg dose caffeine was given to both lean and obese people, and it was found that their metabolic rates increased from 3 to 4 percent. So, if you want to lose fat quickly, this tea can help with its great thermodynamic actions.

pu-erh tea

  • Pu-erh tea

    Pu-erh tea is basically a fermented tea. It helps shrink the size of fat cells in your body. Researchers have found that the tea can lower triglyceride concentrations as well as total fat. So, a steaming hot cup of this tea can be a great collection to your miracle teas.

goji tea, weight loss tea

  • Goji tea

    Lycium barbarum is a plant which is used as a medicine for diabetics. Goji tea is harvested from this plant. It can crank up calorie burning by 10%. It can also boost up the body’s slimming process. If one can take goji tea, and mix it with green tea, they will get very quick results in losing body fat and gaining health!

hibiscus tea, best weight loss tea

  • Hibiscus tea

     A number of studies found that hibiscus contains flavonoids and other elements which help to combat bloating stomach, gas problems, puffiness, etc. The hibiscus helps to counter aldosterone, the hormone that regulates water and electrolyte balance. So, having a cup of hibiscus tea can slowly help to lose fat and decrease inflammation. Helping in healing and overall body health.

hps tea, best weight loss tea

  • Hops tea

    Hop is a sedative plant. Hops increases the activity of neurotransmitter GABA, which helps to get relief from anxiety. It helps to have a good sleep and lose weight. So, if you sip this tea, you will help calm your central nervous system. One thing to consider is recent research that shows Hops as a phytoestrogen producing plant.

matcha powder, matcha tea, weight loss tea

  • Matcha

    Matcha is basically powdered tea. It is made by grinding Japanese leaf tencha and stone. It is a very bright green powder. Research shows that it is 137x more effective than normal green tea! Matcha contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCE). It is found that matcha can boost lipolysis which stops fat formation while also melting it, especially in the belly area. You can make a traditional drink using this powder. Be aware that many Matcha powders sold in stores contain added sugars.

kava tea, weight loss tea

  • Kava kava

    Kava kava helps you to get rid of depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Anxiety can make you gain weight. Kava kava calms your over-worrying thoughts. If you take kava kava in proper quantity, it will help you to lose weight. But having elevated levels of this tea can cause liver toxicity. (wtf?) The root of the plant is used, and it was one of the original canoe plants of ancient Hawaii.

People consume tea for its taste and soothing unique qualities, both for body and mind. But many teas have so many health benefits! Tea makes you feel refreshed, calm, and energetic at the same time! Many people have the habit of drinking tea just after waking up in the morning, and some people take tea 3 to 5 times in a day. If we can replace our high caloric beverages like cold drinks, soda, beer, with a cup of tea instead, it will not only make us refresh and improve our lives but also help to lose fat rapidly.