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Dragons Blood

Some of the ancient shamanic ideas that has been around is that from nature, things that grow around us that appear like whatever organ or bodily function that it looks like. It will help. For example; beets for the heart, walnuts for the brain, Dragons blood for the blood and body.

Dragons blood is well known in South America. Farther east they are familiar with a different kind of dragon’s blood, from a different tree. We’ll get into the details of that later.

When the knife strikes its bark you will see its rich antioxidant blood.

 dragons blood from croton lechleri



The Dragon’s Blood from the CROTON LECHLERI is the most potent and renowned.

The Croton Lechleri Dragons Blood tree is mostly found in South America and is well known there for its benefits. There is a slight latex residue in the bark, that you can also see somewhat glistening at the top of the blood itself sometime (the way water and oil look mixed together almost). It’s completely natural and argued to be partway the reason why it has a “bandaging” effect when applied to wounds.

It acts as not just a anti-viral and anti-bacterial medium, but as a somewhat “sealant”. This makes sense in combination with the trees natural sap/latex mixed blood. Though in the details this liquid bandage has many phytochemicals. Some being the antioxidant pycnogenol, the lignan dimethylcedrusine, and the alkoloid taspine (to name a few) which aid in the skin healing itself.

For CENTURIES the Croton Lechleri Dragons Blood saps’ use has been practiced by the locals of Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. The blood would be applied to a wound to staunch the bleeding, help accelerate healing, clean and bring nutrition to the wound, as well as SEAL the wounds and/or sores from infection.

Croton Lechleri is otherwise known as Sangre de Grado in Peru, and Sangre de Drago in Ecuador. Both translate to dragon’s blood.

 Location of Croton Lechleri tree

Leaves of Croton Lechleri, dragon's blood tree leaves

The heart shaped leaves of the Croton Lechleri Dragons Blood Tree

Is Croton Lechleri Dragons Blood only for skin healing?

No. There has been much researched evidence as well as centuries of anecdotal observation that has been cumulated to show that this has many other benefits. Being both internally and externally helpful. Intestinal issues have been reported to be helped, with the use of Croton Lechleri Dragons blood.